Lisa Prater & Shane Owens

The first night Lisa Prater and Shane Owens met, Shane was performing at a local hot spot called, Dottie’s, with one of his former bands, Young Country. Back in the day this was the happening place. Lisa was home visiting family from Germany at the time, so it was only a brief introduction and encounter.

The following year Shane was performing at Dottie’s again and Lisa showed up unexpectedly. She was with her family at the time. That was the night they both knew it was meant to be. Within seven months, they became friends, dated, moved in together and married.

Later Shane found out that Lisa had told her cousin, Lora, that she would marry me one day before she had even known me. Regardless, it was a whirlwind romance but one worth living.

Shane and Lisa have been married now for 23 years, have two wonderful sons, Tanner and Konner and look forward many more years to spend together.


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