Tammy Whitehead & Mark McGraw

(Wedding Day - September 23, 2006)

***As Told By Mark

At the ripe old age of 39, I met the Love of my life, my true soul mate, Ms. Tammy Lynne of Douglasville Georgia. I was smitten at first PM, (Private Message), and even more so after our first phone call. You see, we “met” for the first time on a message board for fans of Mr. Tim McGraw (the KNOWZONE), and our relationship quickly blossomed.

Not of course before her son, Timothy, could give me the third degree. He needed to be sure I had honorable intentions as far as his Momma was concerned, quite the Southern Gentleman at such an early age was he. Once I answered his questions and had the approval of his expectations, we were allowed to meet in person. This first meeting coincided with Tammy’s sister Valerie’s wedding, and though that first meeting made me nervous as all get out, her Family made me feel right at home. Especially Momma Nancy, who told me on that very first meeting, "once you’re here, there is no going back... Sandy brought Craig home and that was it... He was “stuck” with us, as you will be too."

(First Date - which was also first face-to-face meeting)

Momma was right...I am “stuck” with them, but couldn’t ask for a better family to be with. I love them all as if we’d belonged together from the start...especially Tammy’s Momma...now my Momma too. As much as I love the family I was born into, I love this family too, which is rare from what I’ve seen and heard along this journey we call life...

(Happy times with our son, daughter0in-love and happy grandkids)

Who would've thunk a sweet pretty voice on Ma Bell's phone line would've brought a beautiful Lady and so much more into my life. Never expected it, but I got a great deal, even if she drives me nuts on occasion.

We have now been married since 2006, we have since added our beautiful daughter in law Amanda and 5 beautiful grandbabies! We live our life in the beautiful Savannah, GA . Making Memories and loving this life we were given.

(Anniversary - Niagara Falls, Canada)


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